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“What an impact the Listening Room had on our family.”

Learn why board member, Craig Dewalt continues to be amazed by the Lark

A few years ago, I attended a Peter Mayer concert with my mid 20’s son, Connor. We had a chance to visit with Peter at intermission and Connor mentioned that he had grown up listening to his music. It was at that point that it struck me what an impact the Listening Room had on our family. Peter Mayer, Pierce Pettis, Tom Prasado-Rao and many others became a part of our household because of the opportunity to hear them play at the Listening Room and be introduced to a world of music we didn’t realize existed.

Tom Prasado Rao

Since moving back to central Nebraska in the late 90’s, the Listening Room has been a part of my life both as a fan and as a musician and during that time its influence has spread across the state, from Loomis to McCook to Imperial and beyond.

It was with regret that I heard that the Listening Room would be losing the unique space that had served them so well for so long. Then later, it was with an admitted dose of skepticism that I learned of their plan to renovate a downtown building as the new home for acoustic music in Hastings. Having renovated several old houses myself, I knew the challenges they faced.   However, when they asked me to serve as treasurer for the project, I couldn’t say no.

I’m glad I couldn’t. I have been continually amazed and humbled by the support the community has shown the Listening Room and the Lark and by the dedication of the volunteers that have worked tirelessly to make the Lark dream a reality. Hastings should be proud of its world class music venue and gathering place.The next phase of the project puts the finishing touches on that dream, and I can see the Lark as one of the cornerstones of a revitalized downtown that will be an integral part of the Hastings community for years to come.

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