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Live at the Lark with Emily Dunbar!

Thank you so much to Emily Dunbar for her great opening act on December 4th, 2015. She always manages to make us smile, emote and relate to the music she writes and performs. She dazzled us with her sassy red boots and her sparkly skirt… but she really amazed the audience at The Lark with her heartfelt lyrics and melodies. She is truly a talent that we are very fortunate to have grace the stage of The Listening Room Concert Series. When we watch Emily perform we are drawn in by her passion and capacity allure in her audience with her lyrical storytelling. She identifies with life’s quandaries and puts a humorous spin on realities that we all face… even when we consider the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. At this particular show, she trusted her hometown audience enough to present new material, which brought tears and laughter from those engaged in the tale. Dunbar shared the spotlight with her talented sister-in-law, the fabulous Hope Dunbar for several numbers. Hastings is always excited to see these two make musical magic together. Emily is surely a talent to keep an eye on as she continues to produce music that reflects her personal life and of those around her. It is oblivious when you watch Mrs. Dunbar perform she is in the hot spot of her life and truly embracing what makes her happy. Thank you Emily Dunbar for this great performance. Watch the video below as she delivers a holiday message from the plains with Prairie Christmas…

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