Sculptor, Gary Staab shows his musical side on The Lark stage

On Friday, November 18th, world renowned sculptor and paleoartist, Gary Staab will perform with his buddies Ray Weikal and David Miller as The Craftsmen. Gary is no stranger to Hastings. He graduated from Hastings College and his hometown is Grand Island.

So Gary won’t be sculting onstage. Nope. He’ll be playing the cello, his newest musical challenge. [ he also plays guitar and drums] The Craftsmen play their music for the pure fun of it and the result is a unique mix of musical genres. There’s no artsy website or flashy videos to show you, so you’re just going to have to take a chance on this evening of music. I promise it will be entertaining!!! Lol.

I asked Gary why he devotes his precious spare time to music. And he wrote me back this insightful response:

      ” My work restoring prehistoric life forms for museums is a many layered event. Some projects can take thousands of hours to complete.  While it is incredibly satisfying to create a sculpture that will be on display long after I am gone, it’s sometimes nice to have a more  responsive medium that offers more immediate feedback.”
      ” Music offers me the chance to create art in its most fleeting form, sounds that live only for an evening, warm moments of community with my bandmates and our audience.”
       ” I am always challenging myself to do things that are a little outside my comfort range in life and in music, so I find myself experimenting with new instruments all the time. My latests experiment is the cello.  I feel so lucky to have the chance to make a little background noise behind my band mates Dave Miller and Ray Weikal who have offered me much musical wisdom in our Craftsman collaboration. “