The Larkspur Concert Series presents C.C. Rose

Event details

  • November 15, 2019
  • 7:30 pm

Friday, November 15th at 7:30 pm

C.C. Rose 

C.C. Rose is a Nebraskan singer/songwriter with roots in acoustic, pop, and folk sounds. With her unique voice that can change from light and airy to powerful and passionate, her music is emotion centered. The lyrics behind the tunes are full of symbolism that is vivid yet vague enough that a connection can be made with each song in a different way for every listener.

C.C. Rose, born Carly Rose Cremers, has always had a passion for music. Creativity and expression have always been at the heart of whatever she has done, but taking it a step further to share her passion with others was becoming important as well. In the summer of 2018 while living in Omaha, Nebraska, C.C. Rose’s solo career started. What began with small open-mic-nights quickly developed into making connections and becoming booked for shows in the area. Audiences that see C.C. Rose comment about the emotion behind the songs and vocals that give a unique and connective experience.

Recently, C.C. Rose took another leap to further her career and flew to Nashville, Tennessee, to record her debut single, “My Fairytale.” The song consists of an empowering message in a story-telling fashion with a sound that combines interesting instrumentation with a folk flare. C.C. is excited to have a piece of her music out for a wider audience to connect to, and she hopes to record more of her original songs in the near future.